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Barbara Maisch

Lawyer, specialist Lawyer

Barbara Maisch was admitted to the bar in 1996 and has since worked for a medium-sized law firm in Karlsruhe until she started working for Friedrich Rechtsanwälte Fachanwälte.

The focus of her legal work lies in the areas of labour law and inheritance law.

In 2009, Ms Maisch was awarded the title of "specialist lawyer for labour law" by the Karlsruhe Bar Association.

Ms Maisch successfully completed the theoretical part for the acquisition of the title "Specialist Lawyer for Inheritance Law" with the corresponding final examinations as early as 2007/2008. Ms Maisch has been a "certified executor" (AGT) since 2017.

Due to her many years of experience, it is important to Ms Maisch that, after a thorough analysis of the facts and legal examination, she arrives at a realistic assessment of the prospects of success together with you and, with this in mind, achieves the best possible result for you.

She is admitted to the Local Court and Regional Court of Baden-Baden as well as the Higher Regional Court of Karlsruhe and is also authorised to represent clients at all Local Courts, Regional Courts and Higher Regional Courts.

Labour law:

Ms Maisch advises and represents employees and employers in all labour law matters, both in out-of-court negotiations and in court proceedings.

In particular, Ms Maisch offers advice and representation in the following areas:

  • Drafting of employment contracts, establishment and amendment of employment relationships
  • warnings, transfers, right of direction
  • Compensation disputes
  • Disputes over termination of employment both without notice and with notice
  • Termination of employment relationships through termination and settlement agreements
  • Holidays, part-time work, overtime, maternity leave, parental leave, care leave
  • Certificates, preparation and review
  • Review of measures under works constitution law, drafting of works agreements


Law of succession:

In addition, Ms Maisch is a competent and committed lawyer in the field of inheritance law. Here, too, it is her concern to lead your interests to the best possible result, both out of court and in court.

Her work covers the following areas in particular:

  • Drafting testamentary dispositions (wills and contracts of inheritance) to avoid inheritance disputes
  • Drafting of providential arrangements (general powers of attorney, providential powers of attorney and living wills)
  • Advice in the context of lifetime transfers of assets, drafting of transfer agreements, tax-optimised succession arrangements
  • Advice and representation of co-heirs and legatees, both in the assertion of claims and, if necessary, in the contentious settlement of communities of heirs
  • Advice and representation of beneficiaries of compulsory portions in the enforcement of claims to compulsory portions, additional and supplementary compulsory portions
  • Advice to heirs on the defence against claims for compulsory portions and compulsory portions in addition to the compulsory portions
  • Execution of wills, advice to executors and heirs
  • Advice in inheritance cases with an international dimension
  • Advice on health care proxies and living wills



Certified executor (AGT)