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Specialist fields

Our fields of activity

Inheritance Law / Probate Law

  • In case of disputes over wills: consulting and representation of heirs, legatees and persons entitled to a legal share
  • Drafting of testaments (wills, contracts of inheritance, corporate wills) in order to avoid contention
  • Financial provision for old age (drafting of patient's provisions, powers of attorney and further emergency planning)
  • Consultation in case of anticipated succession (transfer of assets during one's lifetime). Drafting of deeds of conveyance, estateplanning, planning of corporate succession
  • Planning of a tax compliant succession
  • Avoidance of claims to legal shares
  • Enforcement of claims to legal shares
  • Executorship, support service for executors
  • Administration of estates and family assets
  • Disputes in case of communities of heirs
  • Support in case of disputes over wills
  • Alternative dispute resolution in case of contentious claims
  • Drafting, preparation and guidance in case of corporate succession
  • Solutions in case of successions involving foundations
  • Establishment, consultation and representation of foundations
  • Questions in case of inheritance tax
  • Support in case of inheritance involving international inheritance law
Corporate Succession

Mr. Friedrich is a certified advisor in cases of corporate succession (ZentUma).

One of our focal points is a comprehensive consultation of entrepreneurs who wish to formulate a corporate succession and need assistance in the structuring and passing on of their assets to the next generation or to non-related third persons.

All aspects of a specific corporate situation (hereditary law, family law, corporate and fiscal law) are taken into account.

In keeping with your personal and economic objectives, we draw up a succession strategy geared to the needs of your company and your personal situation and supervise the realization  by preparing the relevant deeds and last wills.

Our focal points in detail:

Transfer of company to family members:
  • Counsel in cases of inheritance -, family -, corporate – and fiscal law
  • Company reorganisation before or after transfer
  • Financial backup of entrepreneur and spouse
  • Drafting and realization of company – and consultancy agreements
  • Marriage settlements, wills, contracts of inheritance, agreements in cases of renunciation of inheritance or legal share
  • Health care proxy documents

Transfer of company to non-family:
  • Sale of company (asset deal, share deal)
  • Lease of company
  • Third party involvement
  • Establishment of a foundation before or after inheritance
Tenancy Law and Condominium Act

  • Law of tenancy
  • Lease contracts

  • Utilities statements

  • Cancellation of lease contracts

  • Increase in rent

  • Defects and rent reduction

  • Refurbishment
Employment law

Mrs. Von Morstein is a lawyer with many years of experience in the field of employment law.

Individual labour law:
  • Protection of inventions by employees (e.g. compensation in case of inventions)
  • Employment law  (e.g. drafting of employment contracts)
  • Occupational safety and health (e.g. protection against sexual harassment)
  • Limited-term employment agreements (e.g. extention or limitation of employment contracts)
  • The right to professional education (e.g. trainee representation)
  • Employment protection (e.g. proceedings in cases of employment protection)
  • Service law (e.g. classification in BAT)
  • Part-Time Work Act (e.g. the right to part-time work)
  • Entitlement to paid leave (e.g. enforcement of holiday entitlement)
  • Rights of certificates (e.g. verification of employment reference letters)
Collective labour law:
  • Industrial constitution law  (e.g. negotiations in case of redundancy programmes)
  • Representation law (e.g. participation of staff council)
  • Rights of staff representation (e.g. participation of MAV)
  • Collective bargaining law (e.g. drafting of collective labour agreements)
Matrimonial and family law

  • Marriage

  • Civil union

  • Adoption law, especially adult adoption

  • Matrimonial property agreement

  • Consultation in advance of a matrimonial property agreement

  • System of marital property

  • Divorce

  • Maintenance during separation

  • Maintenance after divorce

  • Child support

  • Statutory pensions equalization

  • Equalization of accrued gains

  • Care

  • Curatorship

  • Guardianship

  • Impeachment of paternity

  • Child custody
Company, Partnership and Sole Trader

Commercial rights protection

  • Copyright

  • Warning because of copyright

  • Law on competition

  • Warning because of violation against the law of competition

  • Prohibitory action

  • Law of trademarks


General civil law and drafting of contracts

In all questions concerning general civil law we are your competent, specialized contact. In order to ensure a fast and economical enforcement of your interests, we will first of all try to reach an out-of-court settlement. In court cases we will be your qualified and experienced legal representative. Beyond that, our scope of action includes legal dunning, the obtaining of injunctions and law enforcement.

  • Collection of claims
  • Contract law, drafting of contracts
  • Indemnity
  • Standard business terms

Additional legal fields & Other areas

  • Law enforcement

  • Receivership

  • Misdemeanours

  • Traffic law

  • Arbitration proceedings

  • Drafting of contracts