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Stefan Friedrich

Lawyer and Specialist Lawyer for Inheritance Law
Certified Executor
Certified Official Receiver

Stefan Friedrich

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As an experienced practitioner of law, Stefan Friedrich associates great importance with providing his clients with a sound appraisal of their case following a thorough evaluation of the facts.

In his view representing a client’s interests well involves the development of realistic objectives and a recommendation that is orientated to this – and that by every input for the best possible results. He has made it his duty to represent not only the legal and economic interests of his clients, but also not to lose sight of the personal components.

Stefan Friedrich, born in 1964, has been a qualified lawyer since 1993 and has been practicing law in Baden-Baden ever since.

Specialising in inheritance law in his 1st state examination and tax law in his second, lawyer Stefan Friedrich set the course of his later legal career at this early stage.

In 2005 the Freiburg Lawyers’ Chamber awarded him the title of "Specialist Lawyer for Inheritance Law".

Stefan Friedrich is also a certified executor and a certified official receiver. He is also a referent for inheritance law. He is permitted not only to conduct cases in Baden-Baden’s local and district courts, and the higher regional court in Karlsruhe but in all German local, district and higher regional courts. 

Specialist fields


  • Inheritance law

    • Execution of wills
    • Testamentary dispositions (wills, contracts of inheritance)
    • Settlement of estates
    • Anticipated inheritance
    • Administration of estates
    • Right to compulsory portion of inheritance
    • Company succession
    • Inheritance and capital transfer tax
    • Appointment of health care proxies
    • Living wills
    • Appointment of legal representatives for health care
    • Custody directives
    • International inheritance law

  • General civil law, in particular

    • Drafting of contracts
    • Accounts receivable collection
  • Company law
  • Receiverships
  • Adoption law, especially adult adoption
  • Care directives



RA Friedrich speaks fluent French and English and is also

  • Member of the DVEV (German Association for Succession Law and Property Succession Law.)
  • Registered in the Executor Register of the DVEV
  • Member of the Inheritance Consortium in the German Bar Association (DAV)
  • Certified official receiver
  • Member of the IGZ (Receivership Syndicate)
  • Committee member of the ‘Senioren Willkommen’ Society
  • Legal referent in inheritance law