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Katharina von Morstein

Specialist Lawyer for Tenancy Law

For several years lawyer Katharina von Morstein has been advising both tenants and landlords on all matters regarding tenancy law. In the field of residential property law she concerns herself with homeowner associations and caretakers as well as property buyers and owners.

In 2012 the Freiburg Lawyer's Chamber awarded her the title "Specialist Lawyer for Law and Tenacy Law".

Her Specialist Fields are Employment lawTenancy law and Commercial tenancy law.

A further specialist field of hers is employment law. Here she attends in a dedicated and proficient manner to all employment law-related matters concerning employers and employees, both in and out of court.

During her law degree at the University of Gießen lawyer Katharina von Morstein began to specialise in the field of employment law. She then deepened her knowledge in this branch of law by undertaking a legal clerkship in Baden-Baden. Since beginning her legal career in 1997 she added a second specialist field to her portfolio in 2000; namely that of tenancy law.

For practically all citizens employment and tenancy affairs are of paramount importance to their everyday lives. Difficulties in these sensitive areas require a great deal of understanding, professional expertise and experience on behalf of the lawyer.

In addition to her legal duties, which include being a mediator, Katharina von Morstein is committed to furthering her professional training which includes gaining qualifications according to the examining body of the IHK (Chamber of Industry and Commerce).


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