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Inheritance Law / Probate Law

Lawyer Stefan Friedrich is specialist for Inheritance Law.


  • In case of disputes over wills: consulting and representation of heirs, legatees and persons entitled to a legal share
  • Drafting of testaments (wills, contracts of inheritance, corporate wills) in order to avoid contention
  • Financial provision for old age (drafting of patient's provisions, powers of attorney and further emergency planning)
  • Consultation in case of anticipated succession (transfer of assets during one's lifetime). Drafting of deeds of conveyance, estateplanning, planning of corporate succession
  • Planning of a tax compliant succession
  • Avoidance of claims to legal shares
  • Enforcement of claims to legal shares
  • Executorship, support service for executors
  • Administration of estates and family assets
  • Disputes in case of communities of heirs
  • Support in case of disputes over wills
  • Alternative dispute resolution in case of contentious claims
  • Drafting, preparation and guidance in case of corporate succession
  • Solutions in case of successions involving foundations
  • Establishment, consultation and representation of foundations
  • Questions in case of inheritance tax
  • Support in case of inheritance involving international inheritance law
  • Real estate during separation and divorce
  • Inheritance law in marriage and divorce