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Employment law

Katharina von Morstein is a lawyer with many years of experience in the field of employment law.


Individual labour law:

  • Protection of inventions by employees (e.g. compensation in case of inventions)
  • Employment law  (e.g. drafting of employment contracts)
  • Occupational safety and health (e.g. protection against sexual harassment)
  • Limited-term employment agreements (e.g. extention or limitation of employment contracts)
  • The right to professional education (e.g. trainee representation)
  • Employment protection (e.g. proceedings in cases of employment protection)
  • Service law (e.g. classification in BAT)
  • Part-Time Work Act (e.g. the right to part-time work)
  • Entitlement to paid leave (e.g. enforcement of holiday entitlement)
  • Rights of certificates (e.g. verification of employment reference letters)

Collective labour law:

  • Industrial constitution law  (e.g. negotiations in case of redundancy programmes)
  • Representation law (e.g. participation of staff council)
  • Rights of staff representation (e.g. participation of MAV)
  • Collective bargaining law (e.g. drafting of collective labour agreements)